Monday, August 17, 2009

It made all the difference!

I have this major issue of expecting really high and when thing don't turn out the same, it really hurts! And this is what happened with me when I started junior year, I expected it to be so much and it turned out to be just fine!!! And I am still waiting for something good to happen! Hope things get better! Happy Reading!

I gazed at the sky, sitting by the window
Covered with dark clouds, hanging low!
The chilly wind, pricked my skin
Like a thousand thorns!

I liked it!

I had my hand stretched out,
'Cos I knew, soon I'll be feeling
The cool drops of rain! And then
My hands would go all numb!

It'll feel good!!

I waited for it, my hand in its place
But then what I felt was not rain
I felt snow, melting on my skin
My hands did go numb

But it wasn't the same

And though the crystals melted
On my hand , it felt like the rain
Nothing felt that different, but
My expectations were shattered!

And it made all the difference!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The fresh start

I wrote this poem on the night, when I had the first day of junior year. I was nervous and freaked out! This poem might sound stupid! But every line has something behind it, something from my life! And this poem means a world to me!

Today from where I stand
The past is behind me
All those harsh painful memories
I'm over them
The tears that have soaked my face
Are now dried up

I have the seed in my hand
A water can in other
Today I am the master
Of what might come
I can fill the place with blossoms
With the soothing fragrance
Or I can let it be
And let it burn under the sun

Today from where I stand
I look back
At the days that have passed by
When I was standing
At the same place
But what had to come did come

And looking at everything
I have gone through
I feel
That I never was the master
Of what is to come
Sometimes you sow the seed
But you get nothing back
The sun is too powerful
To let them grow

Even after knowing everything
I love the feeling of being in control
For the moment
Which one day
I'll be looking back at!