Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Your light, the murk and me.

I felt dark and forbidden as I walked across Your lands
In search of a sanctuary, thirsty for redemption
The scars of abundance still fresh on my skin
My heart decided it's time to return

Broken, I knelt down in front of You
Guilt diffusing in my blood, slowly and painfully
And I cried like a doe in search of her child
Playing those memories over and over again

Those times of loneliness and insecurity
When You held my hand, for the first time
Your immense wisdom, brightened my path
Instantaneously, You were the only one in my heart

I lived in Your light and life seemed easier
I was smiling again, feeling strong; never realizing
How quickly murk conquered me and pulled me away
From my only sanctuary, my only love.

And Your light called for me over and over again,
Had I ever listened, I would have known
That You were still there for me, still loving me
Even as I lusted for the harsh pleasures of the murk

With all the glitter blinding me
And all the noise deafening me
I wasn't able to distinguish what was real
I wasn't able to understand what was pure

Then one day the pleasures were no more,
And to be in the murk, it pained and it hurt
They turned their backs, leaving me to the murk; alone
Leaving me the way I was before; lonely and insecure

I craved for the warmth of Your light
The solace of Your wisdom,
The satisfaction of Your love,
Just You and nothing else.

And as I walked across your lands once again,
Immersed in the sea of guilt and pain
I found Your light; glinting with acceptance
Giving me a second chance, taking me in once again

Once again I smiled, depicting the faith I bore
Strengthened by Your presence in my heart
Leaving behind everyone who once was
Embracing Your love. I know how much I need you

And to You I plead to bestow me with the courage
To hold on to You even as I smile
Because I need You, no matter what.
And I'll love You no matter what.