Sunday, November 22, 2009

With every moment......

With every moment I feel smaller inside,
With every moment I feel less important,
With every moment I feel more imponent,
With ever moment I grow invisible,
With every moment my dreams seem further,
With every moment my goals get unachievable,
With every moment I feel less loved,
With every moment I feel I more lost,
With every moment I feel more camouflaged,
With every moment, which I waste,
I feel closer to death!

Monday, August 17, 2009

It made all the difference!

I have this major issue of expecting really high and when thing don't turn out the same, it really hurts! And this is what happened with me when I started junior year, I expected it to be so much and it turned out to be just fine!!! And I am still waiting for something good to happen! Hope things get better! Happy Reading!

I gazed at the sky, sitting by the window
Covered with dark clouds, hanging low!
The chilly wind, pricked my skin
Like a thousand thorns!

I liked it!

I had my hand stretched out,
'Cos I knew, soon I'll be feeling
The cool drops of rain! And then
My hands would go all numb!

It'll feel good!!

I waited for it, my hand in its place
But then what I felt was not rain
I felt snow, melting on my skin
My hands did go numb

But it wasn't the same

And though the crystals melted
On my hand , it felt like the rain
Nothing felt that different, but
My expectations were shattered!

And it made all the difference!

Friday, August 7, 2009

The fresh start

I wrote this poem on the night, when I had the first day of junior year. I was nervous and freaked out! This poem might sound stupid! But every line has something behind it, something from my life! And this poem means a world to me!

Today from where I stand
The past is behind me
All those harsh painful memories
I'm over them
The tears that have soaked my face
Are now dried up

I have the seed in my hand
A water can in other
Today I am the master
Of what might come
I can fill the place with blossoms
With the soothing fragrance
Or I can let it be
And let it burn under the sun

Today from where I stand
I look back
At the days that have passed by
When I was standing
At the same place
But what had to come did come

And looking at everything
I have gone through
I feel
That I never was the master
Of what is to come
Sometimes you sow the seed
But you get nothing back
The sun is too powerful
To let them grow

Even after knowing everything
I love the feeling of being in control
For the moment
Which one day
I'll be looking back at!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'll find you in the rainbow after the rain

You might be wondering why my recent posts are all about rain, well the thing is that these days it's raining in Karachi (which actually happens once in a year) and secondly events in my life are such that I can relate them to rain and come up with beautiful pieces of poetry! Well, this piece is a personal favorite! Do let me know what you think. Happy reading!

I looked for you
In the deep seas
That danced to the beat of the breeze

I searched for you
In the dark spaces
Between the glinting stars

I rummaged for you
In the dark clouds
When it was about to rain

I searched for you
In ever drop of rain
That came my way from the sky

I didn't find you though
And now I wait; as drops of water
Dance to the ground

'Cos, after every rain there's sunshine
And, maybe I'll find you,
In the rainbow, after the rain.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

After the rain

I wrote this poem back when I was thirteen. This poem is inspired by the poem by Joe in 'Good wives'. I absolutely love that poem. This poem is about a women who looks back at her life, satisfied and content! She has no regrets about anything; she found love, joy and everything she desired from her life! Every stanza of this poem, depicts a different stage of her life! I pray that every women gets a chance to enjoy such a life!

The wind is whispering beautiful summer songs
With the gorgeous flowers blossoming with delight
I strolled about, feeling brave and strong
With my heart growing warm and bright
The memories of the past, with little pain
Dwelling in my heart from many decades
Rang a bell, while the summer rain
Brightened by the gorgeous summer shades

Faded ribbons on rusted keys
Once hanged on the hooks by tiny hands
With childish pride, sorrows and glees
Untouched by then, lonely they stand
Depicting a time, lively and bright
Singing a melodious sonnet’s refrain
Swinging the umbrellas with childish delight
Rambling in the park, after the summer rain

Those keys of love and summer romance
For the trunks, filled with faded red roses
Shoes once worn to ballet and dance
Pretty hats for holiday poses
Frilled frocks for summer balls;
Songs and poems with incomplete refrain
Under the umbrella, first love’s call
Dancing in the sunshine, after the rain

The time when matrimony bells were rung
A beautiful ring for a young love
Songs, composed and gaily sung
With blossoms blooming and flying doves
The dull blue sky, the sun shining bright
Oh love, love, unable to restrain
My heart and feeling, soft and light
A beautiful kiss, after the summer rain

The waterfall is singing a beautiful lullaby
A gorgeous rainbow from a gold pot
From pink linen cloth comes a baby’s cry
Shuffling in a soft, little cot
The glimmer of the sun, sparkling upon the sky
Kisses on the rosy cheeks, unable to restrain
Resting in mama’s hand, a peaceful butterfly
Walking in the sunshine, after the rain

The wind is whispering beautiful summer songs
With the gorgeous flowers blossoming with delight
Life flown away, peaceful and strong
With my heart growing warm and bright
The memories of the past, with little pain
Dwelling in my heart from many decades
Rang a bell, while the summer rain
Brightened by the gorgeous summer shades

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The other side of the page

I won't say that this is one of my best works, but behind these words are really strong feelings! It is to curse all those people who in search of power, forgot all about value of a human life! This piece of poetry is all about a longing to hear of no more demises! A longing to switch on the TV one day and find out that everything is absolutely fine! A longing for peace!

I looked at the page, expressionless!

Eying the pictures that have haunted us,
for so long!

I see explosions and destruction!
I see dictators and prisons!
I see guns and bullets!
I see innocent soldiers fighting,
For a so-called noble cause!

I ran my hand through the page

Numb with tears and innocent blood!
The tips of my fingers recoiled,

At the effect of these thorny images!

The page which depicted the choices
They made,
Those heartless power-hungry beasts!

They said they had no options, no other way!

But only if they would have,
Looked the other way
Considered the options which,
They kept ignoring.

Things would have been different!

I would be sitting here,
looking at the other side of the page
which was glinting and warm!
I would be looking at the golden words
Which spelled the beautiful word PEACE!

Friday, July 10, 2009

When my smile decides...

In this piece of poetry I have penned down a few of such moments from my life when happiness had captured all of my senses and all I was able to do was stretch my muscles and smile! I couldn't even come up with a single word to utter! Everybody has moments as unexplainable as these in their lives! And this is the beauty of such moments... when you are wordless but with a smile!!!! If you would like to share yours, like be delighted to hear about some!!!

She told me I have made it
My heart eased up a little bit
I kept bopping around the room
A tiny tear sparkled at the corner of my eyes
My smile decided not to leave my face!

My hands hardly visible
Under the bouquets of flowers I was holding
Hugs and kisses from everywhere I approached
People celebrating, my happiness
My smile decided not to leave my face

Goofing around together
Patting each other’s backs
Singing songs and dancing along, couldn't care less
For anything around, just my pals and me
My smile decided not to leave my face!

He entered the door
His arms spread wide
I dropped my book and ran to him
He picked me up and swirled me around
My smile decided not to leave my face

Sitting at the window of my room
While the moon smiles in the dark night
A paper on my lap, a pen in my hand
I write down these joyful moments, and
My smile decides not to leave my face!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Silent love

This poem is all about those people who never express their love through words, rather through hushed gestures! It's not like they don't love. It is just that their gestures are all that exhibit the feeling they bear in their hearts and we learn to love them back for their silent love!

You never say a word
Even when I am desperate for one
You never give a smile
Even when I keep waiting for it
Every time that I am happy
You pretend like you don't care
Yet, when no one is looking
You gently ruffle through my hair
When you think I am not listening
You brag that I am all yours!
The thought of me away from you
Always makes you cringe
Seeing tears and grief on my face
Always makes you troubled
You never said so but I am sure
That you'll love me forever and more!
Your absence makes me miserable!
And I can't imagine a day without:
The shelter of your silent love!

Friday, July 3, 2009

If I were a particle of sand in the Sahara desert...

This piece of poetry describes the empty feelings that rise in me sometimes making me wish that I was as unnoticeable as a particle of sand in the Sahara desert!

If I were a particle of sand in the Sahara desert
I would have danced along with the wind
Twirling and twirling the way it wants me to
No burden, no responsibilities on my head

I wouldn't care about the menacing sun
Or the cold and starless nights
I wouldn't care about the heavy rains
Or the animals that crawl over me

I'll be just like the million other particles
Each individual; unnoticeable and ordinary
But this is why I wish to be:
A particle of sand in the Sahara desert!

A spark!

I have been waiting for so long
For the right time to come
For the right words to be spoken
And my waiting moments continued
From minutes to days and months
Untill you came along;
My life got what it had been waiting for
A spark to enlighten it all!!
The right words were spoken
At the right time and place
it was all I needed,
A spark and nothing else!!!