Wednesday, January 19, 2011

They stand and wait...

For a beautiful boy who entered my life on 18th January 2011

The journey starts
In protective hands
They will pray for you
As they stand and wait

Today is the day
And tonight is the night
When their dreams will seem real
As they stand and wait

The serenity will prevail
With silent celebrations around you
You wouldn't notice their joy
As they stand and wait

There are many waiting for you
Many you don't even know of yet
But one day you will, notice them
As they stand and wait

And one day their wait will be over
And they will hold you in their hands
That is why they don't complain
As they stand and wait.


  1. Hey Kaıbee. If you hadn't visited my blog today I wouldn't have known you had this new blog. It's beautiful. You are so talented. Look forward to reading more.

    Lots of Love xxx