Friday, July 24, 2009

I'll find you in the rainbow after the rain

You might be wondering why my recent posts are all about rain, well the thing is that these days it's raining in Karachi (which actually happens once in a year) and secondly events in my life are such that I can relate them to rain and come up with beautiful pieces of poetry! Well, this piece is a personal favorite! Do let me know what you think. Happy reading!

I looked for you
In the deep seas
That danced to the beat of the breeze

I searched for you
In the dark spaces
Between the glinting stars

I rummaged for you
In the dark clouds
When it was about to rain

I searched for you
In ever drop of rain
That came my way from the sky

I didn't find you though
And now I wait; as drops of water
Dance to the ground

'Cos, after every rain there's sunshine
And, maybe I'll find you,
In the rainbow, after the rain.


  1. Beautiful post - hi from N Ireland - where it rains LOTs, ALL YEAR LONG!

  2. Thanks a lot JanMary! Keep visiting!

  3. I love the part about "rummaging" in the clouds. Great one.

  4. pretty- it keeps raining here too

  5. I like your poetry. I bet many people could relate to it. Check out mine at:

  6. Hey! Kaibee! I answered your query on my blog, check it out!

  7. I don't wanna tell ANYONE where I'm from... I feel shy! anyway, I'm not that fond of Katrina, but she's fashion famous, & I always make an effort to write abut glam galz...zzz... & btw what about my Hillary Duff (my new blog subject)?

  8. Did you take that picture? That is cool. I was able to take a picture of a double rainbow while on vacation in Florida. You can see the picture in my post here: . Anyway, HI from Charlotte, NC USA! Salamalaikum! Kefel hal?

  9. beautiful photo!
    I recently saw my first 2 rainbow well...rainbow.
    took photos but from my camera phone and didnt come out one iota as good as these.
    Thanks for stoppin by the other day. Hope you had a great weekend!


  10. Sorry guys but I have aken the photo, alll these photos are from photobucket..i am not that talented in photography!!!

  11. Thanks Kaibee for stopping by my blog and leaving your well wishes. God has blessed us with alot of great days lately. Keep up the great work blogging! :)

  12. The territory is very familiar - seems your heart is yearning for spiritual satisfaction and you need to tune in with the Almighty. Need or want. Where I live, they might say 'do some meditation' or where I come from they might say open the Bible and read 'my soul is yearning for the God of life, when shall I see Him face to face?' Anyway, lovely post....

  13. Hi, Kaibee.....Nice work, very light and a breath of fresh air....I hope to read more of your work...I love rainbows as well....