Friday, July 10, 2009

When my smile decides...

In this piece of poetry I have penned down a few of such moments from my life when happiness had captured all of my senses and all I was able to do was stretch my muscles and smile! I couldn't even come up with a single word to utter! Everybody has moments as unexplainable as these in their lives! And this is the beauty of such moments... when you are wordless but with a smile!!!! If you would like to share yours, like be delighted to hear about some!!!

She told me I have made it
My heart eased up a little bit
I kept bopping around the room
A tiny tear sparkled at the corner of my eyes
My smile decided not to leave my face!

My hands hardly visible
Under the bouquets of flowers I was holding
Hugs and kisses from everywhere I approached
People celebrating, my happiness
My smile decided not to leave my face

Goofing around together
Patting each other’s backs
Singing songs and dancing along, couldn't care less
For anything around, just my pals and me
My smile decided not to leave my face!

He entered the door
His arms spread wide
I dropped my book and ran to him
He picked me up and swirled me around
My smile decided not to leave my face

Sitting at the window of my room
While the moon smiles in the dark night
A paper on my lap, a pen in my hand
I write down these joyful moments, and
My smile decides not to leave my face!