Monday, July 6, 2009

Silent love

This poem is all about those people who never express their love through words, rather through hushed gestures! It's not like they don't love. It is just that their gestures are all that exhibit the feeling they bear in their hearts and we learn to love them back for their silent love!

You never say a word
Even when I am desperate for one
You never give a smile
Even when I keep waiting for it
Every time that I am happy
You pretend like you don't care
Yet, when no one is looking
You gently ruffle through my hair
When you think I am not listening
You brag that I am all yours!
The thought of me away from you
Always makes you cringe
Seeing tears and grief on my face
Always makes you troubled
You never said so but I am sure
That you'll love me forever and more!
Your absence makes me miserable!
And I can't imagine a day without:
The shelter of your silent love!


  1. Comment less... !!

    It is by far the most expressive n true poem i have read...!!

    Captured my entire senses.. !!

    =) keep'em coming..


  2. Very nice, I enjoyed reading it, I am not so terribly expressive in words when it comes to love stuff,,, so thank you for expressing love for me :)

  3. Thanks a lot Starlene and Roon for appreciating my writing! Do you think I should write about love stuff more???

  4. Haaha, sometimes I also don't express my love thro words, was really for me....

  5. Very sincere emotions . . . I like the flow and the yin/yang playful way it sounds when read.
    Very enjoyable, Kaibee!


  6. very nice n touching....